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Bending Interactions

Clicking on a Bending sim will allow the active sim perform interactions splited into two major categories: Punishment and Funishment. There's a total of 13 actions available.


 Bending Punishments

The punishment interactions are paddling actions with different intensitys that can causes bruises overlays (optional) to the submissive sim butt. The paddle is included in my small props file, the same i use for my WW animations.

The bruises are progressive from level one to level five and the way it will affect the sim humor will depends if that sim is a kinky sim or a vanilla. Exactly something that happens in real bdsm life. The bruises are created by JennaMods and are optional, you can still perform the actions without it, but in case you want it, check the link in the recommended section.


Just a reminder, the Light Paddling action will give the level zero buff to the paddled sim. This buff have a very thin bruise as a overlay to the sim butt and its not cumulative. For the progressive buffs with cumulative bruises you will need to use the Moderate Paddle at least. The interactions will afect your paddled sim humor following two possible paths, flirty moodlet to kink sims and fine/uncofortable moodlet for vanilla sims. Exactly something that happens in real bdsm life. You can check some examples of buff description bellow.


Your dominant sim will get special buffs aswell. They are progressive and will change accordinaly from steady hand to strong hand and then sadistic hand in the last level.


 Bending Funishment

The funishment interactions are anal penetrations at this moment, light and moderate intensity. In case the dominant doesn't have a penis, it will be equiped a strapon and the interaction will have a pegging aspect.

Those funishment actions will give to both sims a special moodlet, depending if their are a vagina sim or a penis sim. The dominant will get a confident boost. And the submissive a flirty one.

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