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Description: Your sim can kneel or ask another one to kneel anywhere on the floor. The sim will stay there until you release him/her (click sim --> Safeword), just like the Sentinel. Others sims will be able to interact with the submissive sim in many ways and the first two interaction are already available, a Punishment and a Funishment.

The main focus will be discipline, degradation and humiliation, publicy or privately, and other sims will be able to react to it even if not interacting with that sim (planned).

The Submissive and the Dominant will feel diferently about the actions perfomed according to their traits. For example, there's already two different ways a sim will react for being kneeling on the floor, one for kinky sims and one for vanilla, but there's more planned.

My Kinky Buffs Applier is required. XML Injector V4 is also required.

Available Interactions

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