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A list of content required or recommended to play my mod on it's full integrity, with a link that redirects you to the specific loverslab page. Also explaining why this content is used for.

Required for the mod by many reasons. But you very unlikely will not have it, since it's required to play my animations and almost all others adult animations and content in sims 4.

Required for all paddling animations. The paddle is included in this pack created by Kodenu. Download the file BDSM Toys and put it on yours mods folder

Required for the bruises in the paddling punishment animations. She is the creator of the bruises this mod applies in the progressive way. But her content allow you to add more bruises manually via Create a Sim in case you want to. Please download the file  BruisedAssV3JennaMods and put it on your mods folder.

Required for femdom animations. All penetrations animations where the dominant doesn't have a penis the mod will equip this strapon for a strapon penetration or pegging. 

Good Compatibility

A list of content that have a good compatibility in matter of gameplay, roleplay and core. They add much more BDSM content for the game and plenty of functionalities that may please you.

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